Gipe+Tell is a collaborative team consisting of Bay Area-based artists Lawrence Gipe and Sarah Tell.


In February 2014, they organized and curated the exhibition MAS Attack: LA/SF, which combined 30 San Francisco artists and 30 Los Angeles-based artists in a single-night, “relational aesthetic” group show at Studio 17 in the Mission District. In August, G&T curated the Bay Area participants of MAS Attack 5 which took place in the Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA and included 125 artists from 10 Southwest cities.


Their collaborative artwork is prompted by a mutual interest in ideological and authoritarian sites, industrial materials, brutalism and other urban architecture, and narratives/shared experiences that inspire them to combine aesthetic forces. They have distinct, separate practices, but find that working together generates a hybridized art that manifests aspects of their relationship, and allows for unpredictable results.


In 2013, they made “The Waiting Room”, a large livre d’artiste (designed and constructed by Tell with a drawing by Gipe). While walking in a small Berlin park the previous summer, we encountered a faux-18th Century-style building that turned out to be the “Volksgerichthof”, or the Nazi “People’s Court”. Images of the interior form the basis for the contents of “The Waiting Room”, an “accordion” book that alternates text and images. It was exhibited at the Hespe Gallery in November, 2013. In October 2014, their collaborative sculpture, “Homage to Sartre (Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive)“ was part of “Paint it Black”, a group exhibition held at Studio 110 in Sausalito, CA and later sold at the 2015 Juried ARTSpan Auction.


Background image: Grad school studio floor.